Village Health and Nutrition Day in Panditrampara AWC under Dayarampara PHC

Village Health and Nutrition days are effective platform for providing first contact primary healthy care to the grass root. A VHND in Panditrampara AWC has been organized under Dayarampara PHC. Total population under AWC is 234 with total family 61 families.

Total 26 participants participated in the VHND. There were pregnant women, old age people and mothers with their babies in the VHND.

Mothers are being given facility and service from the Health Institutions. Our attempt is always to reach each and every beneficiaries the facilities in correct time. A pregnant lady named Meena Rani Debbarma was present in the VHND. As per report she has been given two TT respectively on 6/1/2017 and 6/2/2017. And also she has received two Ante natal checkup. But her MCH card was not filledup which may mislead the service providers during service delivery. The MPW has been explained the matter and has been told to ensure no further such mistake for appropriate service delivery.

All the children present in the programme have received all due vaccines. Discussuion on Institutional delivery, Immunization, HBNC, Malaria, Diarrhoea, has been done with the participants. Handwashing techniques has been demonstrated to all present in the VHND and has been asked to follow in their regular life for hygiene assurance.


Everyone took active participation in the discussion session by asking questions. Boiled Eggs has been given to all the participants of the VHND.


A quiz competition has been held in the VHND with basic health awareness questions and all participated well in the same who have been rewarded with the health hygiene soaps, Tooth paste etc for aiding enthuciasm and more active participation.

Apart from awareness this is recommended that the service deliveries may be increased in the VHNDs for much qualitative execution and productive implementation in true sense.