Success story of RBSK under North Tripura District

Rastriya Baal Swastha Karyakram (RBSK) is a flagship programme under NHM which was started in Tripura as well as in North Tripura District since 2014. Aim of RBSK is early identification and early intervention for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 D’s i.e. Defects at birth, Deficiency, Diseases, Developmental delays including disability.

Child screening are being conducted by dedicated Mobile Health Teams from 0-6 weeks at delivery points, 6 weeks to 6 years at AWCs and 6 years to 18 years at schools and hostels (SC/ST). The Mobile Health Team includes 4 members- Male/Female two (2) Medical Officer (AYUSH), 1(one) Pharmacist (Allo) and 1(one) ANM.

North Tripura District has 7 (seven) dedicated Mobile Health Teams. During the year 2016-17, total 65,771 nos. children under 0-18 year’s age group were screened by all RBSK teams under North Tripura District. Total 1148 nos. AWCs and 314 nos. schools were visited under North Tripura District.

Total 39 nos. CHD cases were screened by the RBSK teams and among them 8 (eight) cases were successfully treated by major surgeries at ILS Hospital, Agartala.  The patients under North Tripura District have got an extra opportunity when club foot clinic was started at District Hospital, North Tripura, Dharmanagar in the year 2016. A large no. of club foot patients are coming to take the treatment facility in club foot clinic at District Hospital, North Tripura, Dharmanagar. Last year 25 nos. of club foot patients were screened and referred to the Club Foot clinic at District Hospital, North. Among the patients 13 cases were completely cured, rest of the Club foot patients are under the treatment process.

Total 26 nos. cleft lip & palate cases were screened and referred to Tripura Medical College, Hapania, Agartala out of which 13 cases were successfully treated by surgery. Due to Anemia & malnutrition rest of the cases will be referred later for surgery.

Total 34 nos. Congenital Dumb & deafness cases were screened by the RBSK Mobile Health Teams out of which one (1) patient named Asmita Mahisya Das (6 years) screened from Dharmanagar Govt. Girls’ School was treated by cochlear implantation surgery at ILS Hospital, Agartala.

Only because of the RBSK scheme under NHM 8 (eight) deafness patients get ear machine after examination of Bera test at DDRC, Kailashahar.

Other diseases like Congenital cataract, Down’s Syndrome, Ectopia Vesica patient, Hydrocephalus patients, left Diaphragmatic Hernia patient, Cerebral Palsy patients, Congenital Iccthyosis, Goitre child, Neuro-motor impairment, several skin diseases, Convulsive disorders, Cognitive delay , ADHD, Motor delay etc. were screened by the North Tripura District RBSK Mobile Health Teams and referred to District Hospital, North and GB Hospital, Agartala for treatment.