Civil Registration System

Civil Registration System in Tripura  headed by Chief Registrar of Births & Deaths (Director of Health Services) Govt. of Tripura  Agartala. , For administrative purpose the total CRS system is decentralised to 8 district where District Magistrate and Collectors in Non- TTAADC area and Zonal Development Officers of 5 Zone of TTAADC area are functioning as District Registrar of Births & Deaths .

In block level for Non- TTAADC area the Block Development Officers and for Non-TTAADC area and the Sub-Zonal Development Officers for TTAADC area  are functioning as Addl. District Registrar of Births & Deaths .

          Administrative  set up:-          

  1. Chief Registrar of Births & Deaths :-  Director of Health services.
  2. District Registrar of Births & Deaths :-  District Magistrate & Collector & Zonal Development Officers

3   (a)  Addl. District Registrar of Births & Deaths:- 

i) Block Development Officer for Non-TTAADC in rural area.

ii)Sub- Zonal Development  Officer for Tripura Tribal Area Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) in rural area.

(b)Registrar of Births & Deaths :-

i)Health Officer for Agartala Municipal Corporation in urban area .

ii)Executive Officer for 13 (thirteen) Municipal Council in urban area.

iii)Executive Officer for 6 (six) Nagar Panchayet in urban area .

iv)Village Secretary for TTAADC in rural area .

v)Panchayet Secretary for Non- TTAADC in rural area.

(C)   Registrar of Births & Deaths :-

( i)     Medical Officer/ Non Medical Gazetted Officer in Govt. Medical Institutions w.e.f. 1st June 2004.

(ii)   6( six) Medical Officer in Medical Institution w.e.f. 1st January 2008 ( out side Tripura Health Services) Besides, Head Master of Schools, Midwives, MPWs act as notifiers as per section 10 (i) & (ii)  of the RBD Act, 1969  in their area.


In Tripura the Registration of Births & Deaths Act. 1969 were forced from 1-4-1972 . As per this Act. the State Government has  implemented the Registration of Births & Deaths Rule 1975 in the official Gazette on 6th January 1976.

Revamped System under Civil registration System is at present functioning in Tripura . on 26/9/1999 a revised Births & Deaths Registration Rule is functioning in Tripura as Tripura Births & Deaths Registration Rule 1999 .

Online registration of Births & Deaths  were started in all govt. health institution from 8th April 2016, from 1st July in all the urban units and from 1st September 2016 in all the registration units under Gram Panchayet and Village Council .


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To achieve 100% registration of Births & Deaths , all the govt. Hospital & health institution are empowered as  registration centre of Births & Deaths by notification in official  Gazette from 1-6-2004.