National De-worming Day


Soil Transmitted Helminths (STH) is a significant Public Health concern for India. Around 68% Children of 1-14 years of age (22 Crore) in the Country are estimated to be at the risk of parasitic intestinal worm infestation depending on which GoI has launched National deworming day program during February 2015 based on School & Anganwadi Centre as a fixed day strategy.

Tripura with 60% hyper-endemic prevalence of STH is conducting Bi-annual Deworming program as per guideline of WHO in the month of February & August. The key stakeholders for NDD implementation are Dept. of Health, Education and SW-SE. Other stakeholders are Dept. of Panchayati Raj, Tribal Welfare, Rural Development, Urban Development, Drinking Water and Sanitation. Evidence Action Deworm the World Initiative is the technical assistance partners to Government of Tripura.