Financial Support to TB Patients: Government of Tripura

Programme Description:

Any type of TB patient- who have successfully completed treatment as per RNTCP protocol are to be provided with a one-time financial incentive of Rs.900 from State Government.The TB patients are informed at the beginning of treatment about this benefit by healthcare providers. Further, during the course of treatment also the patients are encouraged to complete the treatment and avail the benefit. Once the treatment successfully completed, cheque of Rs.900/- handed over to patients or deposited in patients bank account.



  • Encourage TB identified patients to complete full treatment.
  • Post treatment nutritional support.  


1.Patients are informed at the beginning of DOTS  treatment by ANM and ASHA.

2.Remind beneficiary during treatment for encouragement..

3.End part of treatment a format has been filling up by beneficiary regarding Bank details.

4.After verification of doc. by the District TB Officer Payment made to beneficiary.