Press Release on 17-06-2017

In addition to the central government, the state government has also agreed to pay compensation according to Family Planning Indemnity Scheme (FPIS). The State Government has doubled the compensation amount and pay half of it. This decision was taken bythe state governmentas per the Supreme Court's order. This rule will be effective from January 2017.

Basically, beneficiaries are compensated on a number of issues for example, if a patient dies during a sterilization operation in the hospital, or if a patient dies within seven days of discharge from the hospital, then a compensation of rupees two lakh was paid. From this year, by doubling the money, the state government will bear rupees two lakh and the remainingrupees two lakh will be given by the center.
Similarly, rupees fifty thousand are given after the death of a patient within eight to thirty days of discharge from the hospital after the sterilization operation. If this happens from now on, the family of the deceased will be given a total of rupees one lakh. The state government will give half of this money ierupeesfifty thousand only.
From this year, rupees sixty thousand will be given in the context of unsuccessful sterilization surgery. Of which, the state government willgiverupees thirty thousand. Earlier in this case, a total of rupees thirty thousand were paid.
On the other hand, if any complications arise during sterilization or after the discharge to sixty days, the hospital authorities will arrange the treatment in the hospital and bear all expenditure. In this case, as a compensation, rupees fifty thousand will be given to the beneficiaries. The state government will bear rupees twenty five thousand.
On the other hand, in one year a health institution will be compensated in terms of four cases of a doctor. Instead of rupees two lakhin each case, rupees four lakhs will be required. The additional budget of rupees two lakh will be borne from the health budget.