Gomati District Reviews the Strategies of Awareness Activities

Udaipur, 17th January:- Gomati District today reviewed the awareness activities to be implementing throughout the District. The review meeting chaired by the Chief Medical Officer held at the Office Chamber of CMO, Gomati, is a follow up step after obtaining the revised allocation of IEC Activities. Earlier the matters were also discussed in the Governing body meeting held on 6th January chaired by the District Magistrate & Collector who is the ex-officio chairperson of District Health & Family Welfare Society.

In the wake up of launching of Pradhan Mantri Matriva Abhiyan, Mothers’ Absolute Affection, the streamlining of Village Health Sanitation & Nutrition Committees of all Gram Panchayat & Village Committees are in the priority sector to intensify awareness activities for addressing the health of mother and child, the all members of the meeting opined. This is in addition to the activities approved in the revised allocation in IEC Activities for current fiscal year which will be completed in the time bound manner as decided in the meeting.

Awareness activities on Non Communicable diseases will also be intensified specially in town and its surrounding areas by means of conducting various camps to be increased for generating awareness about life style diseases. An exhibition on AYUSH will be held at the premise of TS SDH in February to provide the message about services delivery and treatment being provided from TS SDH, Udaipur, Dr. Niru Mohan Jamatia informed. This year, Gomati District is going to celebrate anti-leprosy day in all village through VHND & Village Health Sanitation Committees’ meeting in January. The strategies on awareness activities have also been reviewed in the meeting. Henceforth due importance will be given on behavioural change on service providers so that patients and services receivers get the services smoothly. In this context, reorientation on behavioural change and ethics of ANM, Staff Nurses and other staff and workers will be conducted in coming days, said Chief Medical Officer. District Level Programme Officers, District Health Officers, District Family Welfare Officers and all DPMSU Staff were present in the meeting.