Vasectomy Service Increasing in Gomati District

vasectomyAfter a long hiatus in Vasectomy Services, a permanent family planning method, Gomati District has revived family planning services with special focus on vasectomy service.  Recently Gomati District has provided 6 male sterilizations done at District Hospital – Gomati on the occasion of celebration of Vasectomy Fortnight.

In last couple of months Gomati District Health Authority has provided vasectomy services to 68 persons who voluntarily received the service from Gomati District. Initially the service is being provided on once – a – month basis in a bid to start the programme.

As days goes long, Gomati District is focusing on strengthening counseling the eligible couple who have at least two children. And this is working,  which augur well for the implementation of the programme said Dr. Niru Mohan Jamatia, Chief Medical Officer of District adding that for proper answer of many queries about their life partners we have designed a pamphlet accordingly. We are also telling the benefits of NSV and family planning services as well which can address nutrition of mothers and children, population stabilization which will help mother and child health with reducing mortality, agriculture and economy.

vasectomyIn order to streamline services, Gomati District has also regularized monitoring the camp services through conducting the meeting of District Quality Assurance Committee responsible for looking after the quality of services and visiting the camp regularly so that quality of services gets improved. Gomati District has also disbursed indemnity to 9 female beneficiaries who suffered failures in 2011 – 12. And that step has also given a message to which beneficiaries are responding positively with entailing faith on us.

For service provider’s confidence and preparation of services, quarterly schedule is also being prepared by District along with re-orientation on family planning services.