Immunization Programme in Tripura


This programme has been implemented in the State since 1985, achievement in respect of Full Immunization coverage is consistently raising reaching up to 85% coverage of target children during 2016-17 (& achieving 10% case of target for full immunization in April – May 2017) against annual Target.

Many new initiatives have been undertaken during the year 2016-17, like –

  1. Introduction of Rota Virus Vaccine in routine immunization by Union Health Minister on 18th Feb. 2017.
  2. Introduction of fractional IPV IN Routine Immunization.
  3. Successful Implementation of 4th Phase Mission Indradhanush Campaign.
  4. Successful implementation of Pulse Polio Campaign.

Further Intensified Mission Indradhanush Campaign will be conducted from 7th October 2017 onwards and Measles-Rubela vaccine is expected to be launched in Routine Immunization in the state shortly.

Status report of Routine  Immunization

Year Target BCG


OPV3 Measles FI Measles2 JE TT2
PW Infant
2016-17 59355 54740


















Mission Indradhanush :- MI held phase manner to reach the unreached. Phase1 MI observed in West, Dhalai & North District. In Phase2 MI held in all districts of the state & in Phase3 MI held in West, North & Dhalai District. In Phase4 West, North, Dhalai, Kumarghat Sub-division of Unakoti District & Sabroom Sub-division of South district have been identified.

Total achievement of MI Phase-4 ( February 2017 to May 2017)

State Session planned Session held % achieved No. of children Targeted No. of children vaccinated % acheived No. of pregnant women targeted No. of pregnant women vaccinated % achieved No. of fully immunized children No. of completly immunized children
Tripura 361 345 95.57 3215 1245 38.72 683 371 54.32 231 60


JE vaccination campaign:- JEvaccination campaignwas conducted in phase manner in 1st phase, 3 nos district were identified West, Sepahijala & Khowai held on 23rd May 2015 to 5th June 2015. In Phase2 JE vaccination campaign held in Gomati, South, Unakoti & Dhalai district w,e,f  9th January 2017 to 31st January 2017.In North District JE vaccination campaign held w.e.f 11th April 2017 to 6th May 2017.

Target  (1-15yrs Children) Total beneficiaries
513873 226492  (44%)
511869 233734  (45.66%)
109063 55424 (50. 81%)
Total = 1134805 515650 (45.43%)


National Immunization Day:-NID first round was observed on 29th January 2017 and second round observed on 2nd April 2017 followed by 2 days  house to house visit.

Target (0-5 yrs Children) Achievement
396846 375620 (94.65%)
396846 366506  (92.35%)

Rotavirus Vaccine :- Introduced in RI throughout the State after State launch on  18th February 2017.

New initiative:-

  • Fractional IPV introduced throughout the state in place of full dose of IPV.


  • AFP Measles  surveillance training conducted in all the eight district.
  • Three batch of MO trained on RI module .
  • State level TOT of District Cold Chain Handlers and District level training of planning unit level Cold Chain handlers completed.