Health care service at Manikpur Primary Health Centre, Longtarai-valley

Manikpur Primary Health Centre, Longtarai-valley, Dhalai is rendering health care facilities to the inhabitants who are mainly from hilly and distressed areas. It was established in 2nd September, 2012. It is basically a 24X7 type functioning hospital. This PHC covers total about nineteen thousands numbers of population.  The PHC covers total 5 Numbers of Health Sub-Centers & 5 ADC villages.


 In OPD there are different facilities such as General OPD, MCH Clinic, RSBY help desk, Arogya Niketan for Adolescent health is available. Facilities like delivery etc are also available here. On 9th of every month pregnant women received treatment facility under PMSMA ( Pradhan Mantri Surakhit Matritya Abhiyan).


 A team of 02 Medical Officers (Allopathic-2),  07 numbers of Staff Nurses, 01 number of Pharmacist & 2 Lab Technicians , 1 number of MPS, 6 numbers of  ANM/MPW & 48 numbers of existing ASHA Workers are working under Manikpur PHC to provide   Health care services to the common people in remote areas.


 Services performed   during   the month of July, 2017: OPD patient- 535, No of VHND held-20, Pregnant Women Registered for ANC-42, Pregnant Women given TT1-42, Pregnant Women given TT2/Booster-30, Pregnant Women Received 3rd ANC-, Full Immunisation-10, IPD total patient – 66 & deliveries-23.


Services performed   during   the month of August, 2017: OPD patient- 575, No of VHND held-20, Pregnant Women Registered for ANC-55,   Pregnant Women given TT1-55, Pregnant Women given TT2/Booster-29, Pregnant Women Received 3rd  ANC-16, , Full Immunisation-18, IPD total patient – 72, malaria positive- 15.


Services performed   during   the month of September, 2017: OPD patient- 620, No of VHND held-20, Pregnant Women Registered for ANC-22,   Pregnant Women given TT1-17, Pregnant Women given TT2/Booster-13, Pregnant Women Received 3rd  ANC-8, , Full Immunisation-11, IPD total patient – 75, Malaria positive- 16.