Directorate of Family Welfare and Preventive Medicine

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Tripura

Shri Biplab Kumar Deb

Hon'ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare


Shri Jitendra Kumar Sinha,IAS

Principal Secretary, Health 


Dr. Radha Debbarma

Director of Family Welfare & Preventive Medicine


The organogram of DFWPM is below:


Directorate of Family Welfare and Preventive Medicine.

Brief History:
Since time immemorial man has been striving to overcome morbidity and mortality by way of adopting various control measure with an objective to eliminate and eradicate various diseases. In the state of Tripura endeavors have been taken to alleviate the suffering of people from diseases by rendering preventive, promotive and curative health care services. 

Date/Year of Establishment:-
This department started its sincere services widely since its inclusion with the Govt. of India on 15th October, 1949 in the name of Department of Health, Govt. of Tripura.  On 27 January, 1999 the Health & FW Department has established another Directorate in the name of Directorate of Family Welfare and Preventive Medicine in addition to Directorate of Health Services.
This Directorate has the administrative control over all the 8 establishments of the Chief Medical Officers,  23  Community Health Centres, 117 Primary Health Centres and 1001 Health Sub-Centres, 39 Ayurvedic Dispensary and 73 Homeopathic Dispensary.

Who is Who
 Dr. Radha Debbarma  is the Director of Family Welfare & PM.



  • To ensure adequate, qualitative, preventive & curative health care to people of the State.
  • To ensure health care services to all particularly to the disadvantaged groups like scheduled tribes, scheduled castes & back ward classes.
  • To provide affordable quality healthcare to the people of the State, not only through the allopathic systems of medicine but also through the homeopathic & ayurvedic systems.
  • To ensure greater access to primary health care services by bringing health institutions at the door steps of people as possible, particularly in the underserved & backward areas.
  • To ensure Population Stabilization.
  • To prevent as well as control of other communicable & non-communicable diseases under National Health Programmes.
  • To reduce maternal, neo-natal & infant mortality rates.
  • To improve hospital services at the primary in terms of infrastructure, drugs & personnel.
  • To impart training to doctors, nurses & other paramedical staff to upgrade their skills & knowledge to improve quality health care in the state and improve medical education in the State.
  • To improve Adolescent Health Care.
  • To ensure food safety activities.


Activities :

  • To facilitate provision of antenatal intra natal & post natal services to women.
  • To facilitate provision of family planning services
  • Implementation of Immunization Program.
  • Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Implementation of PC & PNDT (Pre conception & Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act 1994 Prevention of Sex Selection) and MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act.
  • To implement activities under different communicable and non-communicable disease control under National Health programmes
  • To monitor performance and quality of family welfare & all other activities
  • To facilitate provision of Adolescent Health Services in the state
  • Capacity Building to update knowledge & skills of various categories of health functionaries.
  • To Implement Food Safety and Standard Act and strengthening of the Food Laboratories.


 Achievement made during 2020-21 (up to April, 2021)


  •  05 (five) nos. new norm PHC upgraded to bedded PHC namely Hezamara and Bidhya Debbarma Memorial PHC under West Tripura, Radhanagar and Manughat PHC under South Tripura District and Jumthung under Dhalai District.
  • New building of Borakha PHC under West District has been inaugurated on 14-10-2020. 


  • New building of Chellagang PHC under Gomati District along with staff quarters have been inaugurated on 14-12-20. 


  • 10 bedded PHC has been upgraded to 30 bedded CHC at Rajnagar has been inaugurated on 17-12-2020 under South Tripura.   
  • New 20 bedded PHC building at Tilthal PHC under North Tripura has been inaugurated on 28-12-20 


  • New CMO Office building at South Tripura has been inaugurated on   04-01-2021.
  • New Norm PHC at Debdaru under South District has been inaugurated on 05-02-21.


  • New building of Maharani PHC under Gomati District has been inaugurated on 17-02-21. 
  • New building of Mohanpur CHC has been inaugurated on 06-03-2021.
  • 2 nos. NNPHC upgraded to bedded PHC at Taidu under Gomati District & Champaknagar under West Tripura District on 29-04-2021.
  •  In the 2020 September round 9, 23,425 nos. of Children targeted were for de-wormed and out of them 9, 04,416 nos. of children were de-wormed .


  • The State of Tripura has received one Mobile Food Testing Laboratory (MFTL) van from FSSAI, New Delhi on April, 2019. MFTL is used for three main purpose :-
  1. Awareness
  2. Training
  3. Testing of food sample for common adulterants

Department has started the activities since 16.05.2019

  • 08 Food Safety Officer Posts have been created.
  • Department received 02 High End Equipment (HEE) for Regional Food Laboratory (RFL), Agartala from FSSAI Head Quarter N.D. amounting Rs. 4.5 crore approx.
  • Department received through MoU for aid to state of Tripura to address gaps in Food Safety Eco System, an amount of Rs. 37.9035 lakh for 2020-21.
  • Newspaper Advertisements on different health topics are also being published time to time.
  • Press releases are being issued on different developmental activities of the department and day to day health care activities on regular basis through ICA Department.
  • A Booklet named "Swasthya Sambad' are being issued on monthly basis containing with  different positive  news of the department and day to day health care services and developmental activities from December 2020.
  • Appeal of Hon'ble Chief Minister and Member Secretary, TSBTC to different Clubs, Organization, and NGO etc. including general people to organize Voluntary Blood Donation Camps to meet blood demand in the State has been published in newspapers.
  • Directorate of FWPM have taken initiative to disseminate Messages on Hand washing, wearing Mask and maintenance of Social Distancing in English, Bengali and Kokborok language through all official correspondences as footnote.
  • Advertisement has been issued on facilitating about transportation of blood donors during the current COVID-19 situation. 
  • Advertisement has been issued in different time to generate awareness to the people about the need to comply the guideline of Government to prevent COVID-19.


Achievement made during 2019-20

  • 3(three) new UPHCs (Urban Primary Health Centre) have been commissioned at Agartala Pura Nigam & Bhati Abhoynagar  under West Tripura District and Padmapur under North District.


  •  Manughat PHC has been inaugurated on 24.01.2020.


  • Champahour PHC, has been inaugurated on 02-02-2020


  • In the 2019, August round 12, 08,089 nos. of Children targeted were for de-wormed and out of them 11, 27,325 nos. children were de-wormed.


  • In the 2020 February round 12, 09,236 nos. of Children targeted were for de-wormed and out of them 11, 13,614 nos. of children target were for de-wormed.


Achievement made during 2018-19


  • 5(five)  new UPHCs (Urban Primary Health Centre) have been commissioned at Ashrampara, Madhyapratapgarh, East Jogendranagar, Paschimbhubanban, Nandanagar under West Tripura District.


  • 4(four) new HSCs(Health Sub Centre) have been commissioned at Brahamakundu & East Belabari under West Tripura District, Nirvoypur under Sepahijala District and Algapur under North District.


  • Chandrapur PHC under Gomati District has been declared as Integrated AYUSH Hospital in December 2018.


  • 50 bedded three storied AYUSH Hospital at Kailashahar has been inaugurated on 05.03.2019.


  • New Vaccine Van has been arranged at North District to improve vaccine delivery system.


  • Tripura State Blood Transfusion Board plans to collect annually 40,000 units of Blood and to collect 100% of blood through Voluntary Blood Donation.


  • Youths, general people were encouraged in a large scale in the occasion of World Blood Donor Day which was held on June 14, 2018.  02 numbers of Blood Donor were felicitated for donating blood for more than 40 times and two people were felicitated for arranging Blood donation camps in their respective family function.


  • The availability of blood in daily basis in different blood banks of the State used to display in e-raktkosh portal & in the website of Tripura State Blood Transfusion Council.


  • In order to get the information about availability of blood “Real Time Mobile Application”, e- Blood Bank @NIC was inaugurated on 28-02-2019 by Hon’ble Health Minister, Govt. of Tripura.


  • In the 2018, August round 11,18,234  nos.  Children were targeted for de-wormed and out of them 10,59,433 nos. children were de-wormed.


  • In the 2019, February round 12, 19,018 nos. of Children were targeted for de-wormed and out of them 11, 44,329 nos. children were de-wormed.