Directorate of Health Services

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Tripura

Shri Biplab Kumar Deb

Hon'ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare


Shri Jitendra Kumar Sinha,IAS

Principal Secretary, Health 


Dr. Subhasis Debbarma

Director of Health Services


Organogram of Directorate of Health Services is below:


Directorate of Health Services

Directorate of Health Services looks after the promotion & curative aspect of Health and Family Welfare Department from State Hospitals to Sub-divisional Hospitals.

i)  There are six State Hospitals namely (1) Agartala Govt. Medical College & G. B. Pant Hospital (2) Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Centre (3) I.G.M. Hospital                        (4) Netaji Subhash State Homeopathic Hospital (5) State Ayurvedic Hospital at State Head Quarter at Agartala (6) Modern Psychiatric Hospital at Narsinghar.

ii)  There are six District Hospitals, namely (1) District Hospital, North at Dharmanagar (2) District Hospital, Unakoti at Kailashahar, (3) District Hospital, Dhalai at Kulai, (4) District Hospital, Khowai at Khowai (5) District Hospital, Gomati at Udaipur, (6) District Hospital South, Santirbazar.

iii)  In Tripura there are 12 Sub-divisional Hospitals namely (1) Kanchanpur Sub-divisional Hospital under North District (2) R. G. M. Sub-divisional Hospital under Unakoti District (3) Longtarai Valley Sub-divisional Hospital (4) BSM (Kamalpur) sub-divisional Hospital and (5) Gandacherra Sub-divisional Hospital under Dhalai District                   (6) Teliamura Sub-divisional Hospital under Khowai District (7) Bishalgarh Sub-divisional Hospital and (8) Melaghar Sub-divisional Hospital under Sepahijala District (9) T. S. Sub-divisional Hospital and (10) Amarpur Sub-divisional Hospital under Gomati District (11) Belonia Sub-divisional Hospital and (12) Sabroom sub-divisional under South District.

The above 06 (six) State Hospitals, 06 (six) District Hospitals and 12 (twelve) Sub-divisional Hospitals are mainly looking curative aspect of the State. The Medical Superintendents are the administrative head of the State and District Hospitals and Sub-divisional Medical Officers are looking after the Sub-divisional Hospitals.

iv)  There are two other wings like Homeopathy and Ayurvedic system of treatment available in the State.

Apart from one State level Homeopathic and one State level Ayurvedic Hospitals in the State H.Q, there are all together 73 Homeopathic, 36 Ayurvedic Dispensaries and 3 Satellite Ayurvedic Dispensary  spread over all 8 Districts where Homeopathic / Ayurvedic Doctors and Pharmacists are working.

v)  Drug control administration is also under the control of Directorate of Health Services having a State level Drug Testing Laboratory.


 Who is Who

 Dr. Subhasis Debbarma is the Director of Health Services.



Achievement made during 2020-21 (up to January 2021)

  • 23,55,553 patients treated in OPDs and 549512 patients treated in IPD w.e.f. April 2020 to January, 2021 (Source NHM Portal).
  • Total birth registration- 72561 & total death registration-35077 w.e.f. April 2020 to January 2021.
  • Under Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP) scheme, during the financial year 2020-21 (up to 31-01-2021), 192 patients have been benefited and Rs.1,82,59,394/- has been utilized regarding payment of different hospital bills and patients transportation.
  • Super Speciality Block at AGMC & GBP Hospital is in good progress.
  • Construction of one Trauma Care facility (Level –III) at Dhalai District Hospital has completed and construction of Trauma Care Facilities (Level-III) at District Hospital, North at Dharmanagar, District Hospital, Gomati at Udaipur and District Hospital, South at Santirbazar are in process.
  • Up-gradation of Community Health Centres (CHCs) to 50 bedded Sub-divisional Hospitals is in progress at Kumarghat, Panisagar and Karbook. Construction of 100 bedded Sub-divisional Hospital at Sabroom is in progress.
  • Up-gradation of LTV Sub-Divisional Hospital at Chailengta, Dhalai Tripura is in progress.
  • Construction works of G+7 Building of IGM Hospital has been completed.  Construction works of Cancer Hospital Building, Linac Block, New Teaching Hospital-Block-II of AGMC, Nursing Training Institute at IGM Hospital and Administrative Block at IGM Hospital are completed & commissioned.
  • Urgent Renovation of Jayanti block to set up as DCH at AGMC & GBP Hospital, Agartala under Covid-19 situation has been completed and commissioned.
  • Construction of a Dedicated Morgue for COVID 19 Dead Bodies at Dedicated Covid Hospital (DCH) completed.




Achievement made during 2019-20

  • 4683288 patients treated in OPDs and 434020 patients treated in IPD w.e.f. April 2019 to March, 2020.
  • Total birth registration- 70683 & total death registration-30321 w.e.f. April 2019 to March 2020.
  • Under Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP) scheme, during the financial year 2019-20, 569 patients have been benefited and Rs.4,11,83,103/- has been utilized regarding payment of different hospital bills and patients transportation.
  • 110 Medical Officers have been recruited under Tripura Health Services.
  • As approved by the Government, employment memorandum issued to appoint one Neuro-Surgeon and one Neuro-anaesthetist on 20-02-2019.
  • Central Laboratory at GBP Hospital has been commissioned in new building.
  • C.T. Scan installed & Commissioned at I.G.M. Hospital, Agartala.
  • Free diagnostic services have been introduced at IGM Hospital, 6 District Hospitals & 12 Sub-Divisional Hospitals on 23rd February 2019. 
  • Thallasemia patients are provided Special diet as additional diet at IGM Hospital.
  • Aaddhar based Biometric attendance has been established at GBP Hospital, Agartala along with CCTV surveillance.
  • NTH Block-II at AGMC & GBP Hospital, Agartala has been commissioned on 27th February 2019.
  • G.B Pant emergency services has been revamped along with regular emergency Medical Officers, PG Trainees   in the emergency block to give round the clock coverage, so that patients can be screened before admitting into different departments.
  • E-hospital has been established in GBP Hospital, Agartala.
  • A Drug De-addiction Centre has been established and made operational at Modern Psychiatric Hospital, Narsingarh.
  • Construction of one Trauma Care facility (Level –III) at Dhalai District Hospital has completed.
  • Proposals have been submitted to Government of India under Fifteenth Finance Commission for sanction of fund for establishment of one AIIMS like Institute in Tripura, setting up of one Medical College in TTAADC area, Ayush Hospital in every District, one Cancer Hospital in Dhalai District.
  • Neuro Surgery Unit has been inaugurated on 02-03-2019 at A.G.M.C & GBP Hospital, Agartala.                                                          
  • Foundation stone laid for establishment of Trauma centre at District Hospital South, Santirbazar on 22-06-2019.
  • 1(one) Neuroanaesthesist has been recruited at GBP Hospital on contractual basis on 01.07.2019.
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Centre has been inaugurated on 16.9.2019.
  • Eye OT has been commissioned at Kanchanpur Sub-divisional Hospital on 17.9.2019.


  • Proposal for Up-gradation of 50 bedded Gandachara Sub-divisional Hospital to 100 bedded Sub-divisional Hospital and 50 bedded Kherengbar  CHC to 100 bedded Hospital have been submitted to Home Department, Govt. of Tripura for onward submission to Government of India.
  • State Government has decided to establish a Super Speciality Block at IGM Hospital in PPP mode.
  • Inauguration of Blood Component Separation Unit at District Hospital North, Blood bank on 06.3.2020.



  • Patients Services : During the year 2018-19 (April’18 to March’19) total 51,04,353 patients received Health care services through 6 State Hospitals including one Speciality Hospital, 6 District Hospitals, 12 Sub-divisional Hospitals, 22 CHCs and 113 PHCs including 06 UPHCs and Health Sub Centres-1006. Out of which OPD-46,68,660 and              IPD – 4,35,693.
  • Total Births & deaths registered:  In 2018-19,  Live   Birth– 74,589 and Death- 31113. 
  • Health Assurance Scheme: A total of 954 patients got the benefit under Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor (THASP) during 2018-19 and Rs.3,87,88,931.00 has been utilized for the same.
  • Drug Control Administration: (i) Inspections/raids conducted in 2303 Medicine shops during 2018-19 (ii) 2379 samples were drawn for analysis during 2018-19 (iii) 88 Licenses were cancelled during 2018-19 (iv) New Licenses were issued for 303 Medicine shops and renewed licence of 123 shops during 2018-19. 
  • Blood Bank & Blood Storage Centre: In total the State have 13 (thirteen) Blood Banks (11 in Govt. Sector and 2 in Private Sector) out of which 5 Blood Banks have Component Separation facilities (3 under Govt. sector at GBP Hospital, IGM Hospital and District Hospital Gomati at Udaipur and 02 under Private sector at Dr. BRAM Hospital, Hapania and ILS Hospital, Agatala). At Sub-Divisional level, there are 7 Blood Storage Centres including one at Kherenber Hospital at Khumulwng for urgent need of patients.
  • Generic Medicines Counter: Total 20 Generic Medicine Counters have been established at (i) Referral Hospitals like GBP Hospital, IGM Hospital, Dr. BRAM Hospital (Private), (ii) District Hospitals (DHs) at South, Gomati, Khowai, Dhalai, Unakoti, North  (iii)  Sub-divisional Hospitals (SDHs) at Bishalgarh, Belonia, Sabroom, Teliamura, Kamalpur, Melaghar and Community Health Centres (CHCs) at  Jirania, Mohanpur, Takarjala, Panisagar and Neepco Complex at Jirani.
  • Other achievement during 2018-19:
  • New Teaching Hospital–Block-II at AGMC & G. B. Pant Hospital has started functioning.
  • E-hospital started in GBP Hospital, IGM Hospital, Cancer Hospital and 06 District Hospitals.
  • Free Dialysis started functioning at District Hospital, South at Santirbazar.
  • Urology, Plastic Surgery Department and Neuro-surgery Unit have been started at GBP Hospital,  Agartala.
  • A Drug De-addiction Centre has been started functioning at Modern Psychiatric Hospital, Narsingarh.
  • CT Scan Machine and Echo Cardiograph machine installed and started functioning at IGM Hospital.
  • Free Diagnostic Services started functioning at IGM Hospital,06 District Hospital and 12 Sub-Divisional Hospitals.
  • Thalassemia patients are provided with special diet as additional diet at IGM Hospital.
  • State Cancer Institute has been commissioned on 16-09-2019 with the name and style of A.B.V. Regional Cancer Centre.
  • Eye OT has been commissioned at Kanchanpur Sub-Divisional Hospital during the year 2019-20.
  • 110 Medical Officers and 02 Neuro Surgeons recruited during 2018-19.